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AR PRO Systems Glass Fiber Water Fed Pole

AR PRO Systems Glass Fiber Water Fed Pole

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Material (Fiber)

Unlock Affordable Efficiency

Discover a cost-effective solution for your window cleaning needs with our AR PRO Systems Glass Fiber Water Fed Pole. Designed to cater to different heights and tasks, this pole range offers 3 lengths to choose from, ensuring you can select the perfect size for your specific job. As the entry-level pole in our product lineup, it is an ideal choice for new starters or cost-conscious users seeking a reliable and budget-friendly option.

Note: The water fed pole is sold separately and does not come with the brush, gooseneck, hose or hose fittings pictured.

If you would like a specific telescopic pole size then contact us at or +371 25557098

Effortlessly Navigate Through Cleaning Tasks with Extended Reach

Our Glass Fiber Water Fed Pole offers the advantages of telescopic poles, eliminating limitations of traditional window cleaning methods. While it may be the heaviest among the water fed pole types and lacks the rigidity of materials like carbon fiber, it is still well-suited for lower window cleaning tasks that require less time and effort - allowing you to achieve spotless windows without needing to climb any ladders.

Value-Driven Performance

Our Glass Fiber Water Fed Pole strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability. With its budget-friendly price, this pole doesn't compromise on quality or functionality. It is built to withstand regular use and deliver reliable performance, allowing you to achieve sparkling clean windows without breaking the bank.

Achieve Optimal Reach

Our range of Glass Fiber Water Fed Poles offer varying lengths, ensuring you can select the ideal pole for the task at hand. With options like:

5.50m for all second story windows and some very low third story windows,

6.73m for all second story windows and some low third floor windows,

7.53m for most third story windows,

you can confidently clean windows at different heights without the need for ladders or additional equipment. Please note that the mentioned floor levels are provided as a rough guideline and may vary depending on the specific building.

Quick and Simple Setup

With its user-friendly design and quick-release clamps, our pole allows for hassle-free and swift setup. Easily adjust the pole height to the needed story, ensuring effortless reach and convenience during your cleaning tasks. Spend less time on preparation and more time on achieving spotless windows.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

By eliminating the need for ladders or precarious positions, our Glass Fiber Water Fed Pole promotes safety and improves cleaning efficiency, helping you achieve sparkling clean windows with ease.

AR PRO Systems Glass Fiber Water Fed Pole Specifications

Approximate Working Reach:

5.50m - 7m/23ft

6.73m - 8.22m/27ft

7.53m - 9.14m/30ft

Closed Length:

5.50m - 1.54m

6.73m - 1.54m

7.53m - 1.70m

Approximate Weight:

5.50m - 1450g

6.73m - 1850g

7.53m - 2200g

Handle Diameter:

5.50m - 33mm

6.73m - 36mm

7.53m - 36mm

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