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AR PRO Systems Hybrid 50/50 Water Fed Pole

AR PRO Systems Hybrid 50/50 Water Fed Pole

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Optimal Balance Between Lightweight Maneuverability and Sturdy Rigidity

Introducing the AR PRO Systems Hybrid 50/50 Water Fed Pole, a unique combination of carbon fiber and glass fiber that offers a balanced blend of strength and lightweight design. This innovative pole provides the durability of carbon fiber and the cost-effectiveness of glass fiber, delivering a reliable solution for your water-fed pole needs. Experience the perfect harmony of durability and weight, allowing for effortless maneuverability and efficient window cleaning.

Note: The water fed pole is sold separately and does not come with the brush, gooseneck, hose or hose fittings pictured.

Hybrid Construction

The Hybrid 50/50 Water Fed Pole features a unique combination of carbon fiber and glass fiber, harnessing the best qualities of both materials. Experience the exceptional strength and rigidity of carbon fiber, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of glass fiber. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of a high-performance water fed pole at a competitive price, ensuring that professional-grade window cleaning is within reach for all.

Durability and Longevity

With the inclusion of carbon fiber in the construction, our pole ensures excellent durability and longevity. It withstands the rigors of daily use, offering long-lasting performance and value for your investment.

Lightweight Design

The utilization of carbon fiber contributes to the pole's lightweight design, making it easy to handle and maneuver during extended cleaning sessions. You can work for longer periods without experiencing unnecessary fatigue or strain.

Achieve Optimal Reach

Our range of Hybrid Water Fed Poles offer varying lengths, ensuring you can select the ideal pole for the task at hand. With options like:

4.70m for ground-level windows and most second story windows,

5.50m/6.14m for all second story windows and some very low third story windows,

6.73m for all second story windows and some low third floor windows,

7.53m for most third story windows,

9.17m for easily reaching all third story windows and some low fourth story windows,

you can confidently clean windows at different heights without the need for ladders or additional equipment. Please note that the mentioned floor levels are provided as a rough guideline and may vary depending on the specific building.

Easy Handling

The Hybrid 50/50 Water Fed Pole features quick-release clamps, ensuring hassle-free adjustments and easy assembly. You can effortlessly extend or retract the pole to suit different cleaning scenarios, enhancing your overall efficiency.

AR PRO Systems Hybrid 50/50 Water Fed Pole Specifications

Approximate Working Reach:

4.70m - 6.09m/20ft

5.50m - 7m/23ft

6.14m - 7.62m/25ft

6.73m - 8.22m/27ft

7.53m - 9.14m/30ft

9.17m - 10.66m/35ft

Closed Length:

4.70m - 1.70m

5.50m - 1.54m

6.14m - 1.70m

6.73m - 1.54m

7.53m - 1.70m

9.17m - 1.75m

Approximate Weight:

4.70m - 1100g

5.50m - 1200g

6.14m - 1350g

6.73m - 1550g

7.53m - 1900g

9.17m - 2100g

Handle Diameter:

4.70m - 29.5mm

5.50m - 33mm

6.14m - 33mm

6.73m - 36mm

7.53m - 36mm

9.17m - 39mm

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