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AR PRO Systems Hybrid Brush

AR PRO Systems Hybrid Brush

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Excellent Cleaning Power for Professional Results

Designed to deliver exceptional cleaning power, this lightweight brush features a unique combination of nylon bristles and boars hair, providing a balanced feel that effectively removes dirt and grime. With its precise construction and versatile functionality, this brush ensures optimal cleaning results every time.

Hybrid Bristles for Superior Cleaning

The brush is composed of two types of bristles. Boars hair that reacts on a very minute level with the dirt adhering to the glass surface. Nylon bristles, which ensure easy sliding and maneuvering of the brush while maintaining its efficiency.

Lightweight Design

This lightweight brush provides an excellent balance between light weight, glass coverage, and longevity.

Convenient Setup

The Brush comes complete with Jet Hose Assembly and Brush Socket. This convenient setup allows for easy attachment of the jets and gooseneck, ensuring the water fed pole is ready for work.

Compatibility and Convenience

The brush is compatible with all goosenecks by selecting the correct brush socket, making it easy to integrate into your existing cleaning equipment setup.

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