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AR PRO Systems Nylon Brush

AR PRO Systems Nylon Brush

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Provide Effortless Cleaning Power, Ensuring Impeccable Results with Every Stroke

Experience the ultimate cleaning performance with the AR PRO Systems Nylon Brush. Designed to effortlessly tackle dirt, smudges, and grime, this brush ensures impeccable results with minimal effort. Equipped with nylon bristles for excellent cleaning power. Its advanced features and superior construction make it the go-to choice for professional window cleaners and homeowners seeking sparkling windows every time.

Lightweight Design

This lightweight brush is specifically designed with a more compact bristle length, providing an excellent balance between light weight, glass coverage, and longevity. With its innovative construction, the brush offers effortless handling and maneuverability, allowing you to clean with ease for extended periods.

Exceptional Cleaning Performance

The medium bristle hardness and uniform tips of the Nylon bristles deliver thorough cleaning without scratching or damaging the glass surface. Enjoy spotless windows with ease.

Versatile Size Options

The AR PRO Systems Nylon Brush is available in three sizes - 26cm, 30cm and 40cm, catering to different cleaning needs. Whether you're working on smaller or larger windows, you can choose the ideal size that provides optimal coverage and efficiency. Enjoy flexibility and convenience with the right brush size for your specific cleaning tasks.

Convenient Setup

The Brush comes complete with Jet Hose Assembly and Brush Socket. This convenient setup allows for easy attachment of the jets and gooseneck, ensuring the water fed pole is ready for work.

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