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Gardiner Brush Jet Capsules

Gardiner Brush Jet Capsules

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Enhance Your Water Fed Pole Brush Performance with Versatile Jet Capsules

These high quality capsules are specifically crafted to fit Gardiner brushes, offering a unique design that ensures effortless installation and exceptional performance. With a variety of jet types to choose from, you can easily customize your cleaning experience for different glass surfaces, making every task a breeze.

Versatile Jet Options

Our range of jet types includes:

BLACK standard 2mm Pencil Jets preferred by professionals.

RED 50° Fanjet (medium width fan spray pattern) for a balanced spray pattern.

! Recommended set-up - 100psi pump set between 40-70% on flow controller.

GREY wide 100° Fanjet (wide fan spray pattern) for broad coverage.

! Recommended set-up - 100psi pump set between 40-60% on flow controller.

GREEN high-flow 3mm Pencil Jets (twice the standard flow rate) for increased water flow.

BLUE 1.4mm Pencil Jets (half the standard flow rate) for reduced flow rate, perfect for wider brushes with multiple jets.

Pencil jets are better suited for hydrophilic glazing.

Spray jets (fan) are better for hydrophobic glass.

Note: If using the Fanjet versions - some brushes may need inner bristles trimming to allow for the full fanjet spray pattern to work.

Choose the jet type that best suits your specific cleaning needs.

Color-Coded Convenience

With color-coded designations, our jet capsules enable quick identification of the jet type, making it effortless to switch between pencil jets and fan jets depending on the glazing type.

Quick and Easy Replacement

Our jet capsules can be replaced within seconds, allowing you to swiftly adapt your water fed pole brush to different cleaning requirements without any hassle.

Protection and Durability

The low-profile design of our jet capsules ensures a flush fit to the back of the brush, minimizing the risk of accidental damage and maximizing longevity for extended use.

Compatibility and Flexibility

The simple manual assembly, such as using pliers, allow for easy installation and compatibility with your existing water fed pole brush setup.

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