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Gardiner Jet Hose Assembly

Gardiner Jet Hose Assembly

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Enjoy Uninterrupted Water Flow, Improved Efficiency, and Excellent Brush Compatibility

The Gardiner Jet Hose Assembly offers a convenient and reliable solution for efficiently distributing water to your brush, ensuring optimal cleaning performance. With its 2-way or 4-way system options, this assembly provides hassle-free water flow without the risk of hoses catching on protruding elements. Eliminate tangled hoses and maximize your cleaning efficiency with this essential tool.

Note: If using with a Quick-Loq Gooseneck you will need to lengthen the gooseneck hose. Also brush is not included.

T-Connector Design

The 2-way or 4-way T-connector allows for seamless water distribution to the brush, preventing obstructions and ensuring smooth operation during your cleaning tasks.

Elbow Type Connector Protection

The included elbow connectors act as a safeguard, preventing the hose from getting caught on door handles and other obstacles, allowing for uninterrupted cleaning.

Customizable Hose Length

The jet hoses can be trimmed to fit your specific brush width, ensuring a perfect and secure connection, resulting in optimal water flow and coverage.

Brush Compatibility

Designed to fit 23-26cm brushes and 35-45cm brushes with 1 pair of jet capsules in the inner position (for the 2-way system) or 35-45cm brushes with 2 pairs of jet capsules (for the 4-way system), this assembly is compatible with a range of brush sizes, providing versatility for various cleaning needs.

Easy Installation

Attach the black stem elbows securely into the Jet Capsules. Position the T connector centrally, either just above or below the brush socket, while ensuring the jet hose is connected. Measure the precise length required for the jet hose to fully connect into each stem elbow. Trim off any excess hose length. Effortlessly push-fit the jet hose into each stem elbow, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.

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