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Gardiner Protecta Protective Ball

Gardiner Protecta Protective Ball

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Ensure Protection and Longevity for Your Hose Couplings

The Protecta Protective Ball is designed to provide superior protection and extend the lifespan of your hose couplings. Whether you're using it with your pole hose or microbore hose, this innovative accessory safeguards your connectors from damage during use and prevents unwanted catching and releasing on uneven surfaces. With the Protecta Ball, you can confidently navigate corners and steps without compromising the integrity of your hose couplings.

Note: fits hose with an outer diameter of 8 mm.

Enhanced Coupling Protection

The Protecta Protective Ball shields your hose couplings from potential damage, ensuring their longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Versatile Application

It fits securely onto your pole hose, safeguarding the EZ Snap and Pro 26 end stops during operation. Additionally, it can be attached to the end of your microbore hose to protect it while reeling back in, offering comprehensive hose protection.

Smooth and Hassle-Free Operation

By preventing unwanted catching and releasing on uneven surfaces, the Protecta Protective Ball facilitates seamless maneuverability, allowing your connectors to run smoothly around corners and steps.

Reliable Design

This product features a design patent protection, assuring you of its quality and effectiveness in providing optimal coupling protection.

Available in Two Sizes

The Protecta Protective Ball is offered in two sizes - standard (40mm) and jumbo (63mm) - catering to different hose connector requirements. Choose the size that best suits your needs and enjoy worry-free hose coupling protection.

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