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Gardiner Quick-LoQ Single Jet Holder Connector

Gardiner Quick-LoQ Single Jet Holder Connector

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Jet Capsule and Connector
Gooseneck Hose

Upgrade Your Equipment and Unlock The Full Potential of Your Cleaning Arsenal

The Gardiner Quick-LoQ Single Jet Holder Connector is a game-changing accessory that revolutionizes your cleaning process. It seamlessly connects to any Quick-LoQ gooseneck, providing you with endless possibilities for achieving exceptional results. From attaching single jet capsules to connecting various tools with the Quick-LoQ system, this connector empowers you to tackle any cleaning task with ease and precision.

Note: The Quick-LoQ Single Jet Holder Connector does not include any brushes or poles shown in the pictures, but it include a jet capsule, connector and gooseneck hose. If you want to adjust the angle of the connector, choose the longer gooseneck hose.

Seamless Compatibility

The Quick-LoQ Single Jet Holder Connector effortlessly connects to any Quick-LoQ angle adapter, enabling you to attach it to your preferred cleaning setup.

Jet Capsule Compatibility

With the ability to fit any single jet capsule, this connector allows you to customize your cleaning process based on specific requirements, from gentle rinsing to targeted spraying.

Versatile Socket Connection

Not only does the Single Jet Holder Connector accommodate jet capsules, but it also enables the connection of any tool with a Quick-LoQ system. From brushes to abrasive pad holders, you can effortlessly switch between various cleaning attachments.

Chemical Application Made Easy

With its ability to spray chemicals, this connector is a valuable asset for applications that require the use of solvents or other cleaning agents. Ensure efficient and targeted chemical application for enhanced cleaning results.

Enhanced Hose Compatibility

When used with the optional Stem Enlarger, the Quick-LoQ Single Jet Holder Connector allows for seamless connection of an 8mm OD gooseneck hose directly to the jet, expanding hose compatibility and providing more flexibility in your cleaning setup.

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