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Gardiner Quick-LoQ Telescopic Carbon Gooseneck

Gardiner Quick-LoQ Telescopic Carbon Gooseneck

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Unleash Unmatched Performance with Feather-Light Precision

The Gardiner Quick-LoQ Telescopic Carbon Gooseneck is the ultimate solution for reaching high and difficult-to-access areas during your window cleaning tasks. With its telescopically adjustable design and carbon fiber construction, this gooseneck offers unmatched durability, lightweight maneuverability, and precise control. Say goodbye to limitations and increase the level of cleaning efficiency.

Note: The gooseneck is sold separately and does not include the brush, pole or jet hose assembly pictured. However, a 2m Gooseneck Hose is included.

Carbon Fiber Construction

The gooseneck's carbon fiber construction provides exceptional strength and durability while keeping it lightweight. This ensures effortless handling and reduces fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.

45° Offset Angle

The 45° offset angle allows you to reach deep into corners, edges, and other challenging areas with ease. You can achieve thorough cleaning without straining or contorting your body.

D Shape Construction

The D-shaped design of the section prevents turning during use, maintaining a stable and controlled position. This ensures consistent and precise cleaning strokes without any unwanted movements.

Adjustable Length

With its telescopic functionality, the gooseneck offers adjustable length between 86 cm and 119 cm. This versatility allows you to customize the reach according to the specific cleaning requirements, making it ideal for a variety of tasks.

Seamless Compatibility

The Quick-LoQ Telescopic Carbon Gooseneck seamlessly fits water fed poles and Gardiner brushes, ensuring easy integration into your existing window cleaning setup. You can confidently connect it without any compatibility issues, saving time and effort.

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