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Gardiner Super-Lite Medium Mixed Brush

Gardiner Super-Lite Medium Mixed Brush

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Jet Capsules

Trust In Its Quality and Enjoy Effortless Cleaning Like Never Before

Engineered with a singular goal in mind, the Gardiner Super-Lite Medium Mixed Brush takes window cleaning to new heights. The meticulously designed bristle combination, with its inner soft and outer medium synthetic bristles, delicately yet effectively removes dirt and grime, ensuring a flawless finish. The Super-Lite version of this brush features longer bristles, providing a versatile brush with excellent glass coverage. Its versatility knows no bounds, thanks to the ingenious Jet Capsule System, empowering you to effortlessly adapt to the unique demands of each window. As you hold this brush in your hands, you'll feel the exceptional quality and craftsmanship, knowing that it's built to withstand the test of time.

Note: the brush socket must be ordered separately. For optimal performance when using wide fanjets, it is recommended to trim the surrounding inner bristles of the brush so the fanjets can jet sideways fully.

Dual Trim Technology

The brush features dual trim bristles, with shorter and softer inner bristles and medium outer bristles. This unique design allows for easy splay, ensuring thorough cleaning of various surfaces and eliminating stubborn marks effortlessly.

Versatile Jet Capsule System

Equipped with the Gardiner Jet Capsule System, this brush offers versatility in your cleaning routine. Whether you prefer fan jets for hydrophobic windows or pencil jets for hydrophilic windows, you can customize your cleaning experience for optimal results.

Exceptional Longevity

Built to last, this brush is constructed with high-quality materials, making it highly durable and reliable. It withstands rigorous use, providing excellent longevity and ensuring it remains a trusted tool in your window cleaning arsenal.

Improved Water Temperature Compatibility

This brush is designed to handle water temperatures up to 45°C, allowing you to work with warmer water for enhanced cleaning power. Experience the benefits of using water at your preferred temperature, effectively tackling dirt and grime with ease.

Compatible and Convenient

The brush is compatible with a wide range of goosenecks, and its screwed socket allows for easy mounting on Ova8, Gardiner, and FaceLift sockets. Additionally, it comes with T-connector, 6 mm hoses and jet capsules making it hassle-free to integrate into your existing setup.

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