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Gardiner Super Scraper Abrasive Pad

Gardiner Super Scraper Abrasive Pad

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Your Solution for Stubborn Dirt and Grime

Achieve unparalleled cleaning performance with the Gardiner Super Scraper Abrasive Pad. This removable pad is specifically designed to accompany the Gardiner Super Scraper, providing a powerful solution for tackling stubborn dirt and grime. Whether it's impacted or heavily soiled glass surfaces, this abrasive pad effortlessly eliminates tough stains, leaving your windows spotless and gleaming.

Please take note of the following precautions:

- We recommend keeping an abrasive pad fitted at all times to protect the scraping edge from damage.

- Please check the scraping edge and abrasive pad for impacted debris before using on glass.

- Do not use abrasive pad on clear polycarbonate or painted surfaces.

Perfectly Removes Stubborn Dirt

The Gardiner Super Scraper Abrasive Pad is engineered to effectively remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime, saving you time and effort during your cleaning routine.

Non-Scratch Design

With its white non-scratch pad, this accessory ensures that your glass and aluminum surfaces remain free from scratches and damage while delivering exceptional cleaning power.

Compatible with Gardiner Super Scraper

This pad is specifically designed to be attachable to the Gardiner Super Scraper, allowing for seamless integration and enhanced cleaning performance.

Quick and Simple Cleaning

The Super-Scraper feature, combined with the abrasive pad, enables quick and easy cleaning of heavily soiled glass, ensuring efficient and thorough results.

Replacement Abrasive Pad

The Gardiner Super Scraper Abrasive Pad serves as a replacement option, providing a cost-effective solution to maintain the cleaning power of your Super Scraper.


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