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Gardiner Supreme Flocked TaperTec Hybrid Brush

Gardiner Supreme Flocked TaperTec Hybrid Brush

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Stop Struggling with Stubborn Dirt and Experience The Supreme Cleaning Power

Experience the perfect balance of gentle cleaning and exceptional power with the Gardiner Supreme Flocked TaperTec Hybrid Brush. Its longer length and easy-splay bristle design ensure effortless maneuverability and maximum contact with the glass. The soft flocked outer bristles, combined with the innovative TaperTec technology, provide a super-soft touch on the glass surface while delivering impressive cleaning performance. With precise control and minimal pressure, this brush allows you to achieve pristine results every time.

Supreme version - specially designed with extra-wide splaying bristles - feels very soft and easy on the glass, while also providing the ability to clean window sills. It requires minimal pressure for the bristles to spread easily, and due to the rounded edge design of the brush, it has a very minimal impact on the frames.

Note: the brush socket must be ordered separately. For optimal performance when using wide fanjets, it is recommended to trim the surrounding inner bristles of the brush so the fanjets can jet sideways fully. Additionally, the brush is designed to be suitable for use with water temperatures up to 30°C.

Dual Trim for Optimal Performance

The dual trim design of this brush allows for easy splay, ensuring thorough cleaning across various surfaces. The shorter inner bristles provide control and precision, while the soft flocked outer bristles offer a gentle touch on the glass.

TaperTec Technology for Superior Cleaning

The TaperTec bristles are finely tapered with dual height and dual bristle tip types. This innovative construction mimics the effect of natural bristle material such as boars hair, but with greater consistency, allowing for a soft feel that reacts on a very minute level with the dirt adhering to the glass surface. The slightly shorter blunt end bristles in each bunch then can act more aggressively when pushed slightly harder into the glass.

Large Bristle Splay Area for Efficient Cleaning

With a generous bristle splay area, this brush covers a wide surface, reducing the number of strokes required for thorough cleaning. Enjoy faster and more efficient window cleaning with each use.

Suitable for Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Glass

Whether you're cleaning hydrophobic windows with fan jets or hydrophilic windows with pencil jets, this brush is compatible with both. Achieve optimal rinsing performance for various types of glass coatings.

Compatible and Convenient

The brush is compatible with a wide range of goosenecks, and its screwed socket allows for easy mounting on Ova8, Gardiner, and FaceLift sockets. Additionally, it comes with T-connector, 6 mm hoses and jet capsules, making it hassle-free to integrate into your existing setup.

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