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Gardiner Ultimate Flocked Brush

Gardiner Ultimate Flocked Brush

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Jet Capsules (1 pair)

Superior Cleaning Performance for First Cleans and Delicate Surfaces

The Gardiner Ultimate Flocked Brush is designed to provide exceptional cleaning power for first cleans and delicate surfaces. With its lightweight design and split end bristles, this brush ensures thorough and efficient cleaning, leaving windows sparkling and free from greasy dirt. The flocked bristles offer a soft yet direct feel on the glass, allowing for precise cleaning without causing any damage.

Note: the brush socket must be ordered separately. For optimal performance when using wide fanjets, it is recommended to trim the surrounding inner bristles of the brush so the fanjets can jet sideways fully. Additionally, the brush is designed to be suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45°C.

Lightweight ''Ultimate'' Design

This 195g (26cm) or 260g (35cm) lightweight brush is specifically designed with a more compact bristle length, providing an excellent balance between light weight, glass coverage, and longevity. With its innovative construction, the brush offers effortless handling and maneuverability, allowing you to clean with ease for extended periods.

Single Trim Design

All bristles are the same length, providing a soft but direct feel on the glass. This allows for controlled and efficient cleaning, even on delicate surfaces and leaded windows.

Gentle Yet Effective

The medium-soft bristles of the Gardiner Ultimate Flocked Brush strike the perfect balance between gentleness and effectiveness. They provide a soft touch on the glass surface, ensuring delicate cleaning without compromising on cleaning power.

Versatile Size Options

The Gardiner Ultimate Flocked Brush is available in two sizes - 26cm and 35cm, catering to different cleaning needs. Whether you're working on smaller or larger windows, you can choose the ideal size that provides optimal coverage and efficiency. Enjoy flexibility and convenience with the right brush size for your specific cleaning tasks.

Convenient Setup

The Brush comes complete with 1 pair of Jet Capsules of your choice (included in the price). Additionally, if you choose to use jets, it is supplied with a T Connector and Jet Hose. This convenient setup allows for easy attachment of the jets, providing a versatile and customizable cleaning experience. With the added feature of the Gardiner Jet Capsule System, you have the flexibility and versatility to achieve optimal cleaning results.

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