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Moerman NXT-R Squeegee Rubber

Moerman NXT-R Squeegee Rubber

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Embody a Sense of Grandeur that Elevates Your Window Cleaning Routine to an Art Form

Engineered with excellence in mind, this next-generation rubber is designed to elevate your cleaning performance to new heights. With its perfect glide, superior durability, and exceptional grip, the unique turquoise rubber of NXT-R offer unmatched precision and efficiency on all types of windows. Each rubber is meticulously crafted in Europe and undergoes rigorous manual inspection to ensure perfection.

Excellent Performance

The NXT-R rubber delivers outstanding performance, allowing you to achieve streak-free results with ease.

Perfect Glide

Experience smooth and effortless gliding across the glass, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning every time.

All-Season Rubber

Designed to excel in all seasons, the NXT-R rubber maintains its superior performance regardless of weather conditions.

Exceptional Grip

The specialized composition provide enhanced grip on various window surfaces, ensuring optimal control and precision.

Exceptional Longevity for Enduring Performance

The NXT-R Rubber is crafted to withstand the test of time. With its exceptional durability and longevity, this rubber delivers consistent and enduring performance, allowing you to achieve exceptional cleaning results day after day, season after season.

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