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AR PRO Systems Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

AR PRO Systems Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

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Invest in a Water Fed Pole That Meets Your Exact Requirements and Witness the Difference it Makes in Your Cleaning Endeavors

Introducing the AR PRO Systems Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole, a reliable and versatile solution for professional window cleaning. Our pole range offers 11 different lengths, ranging from 4.70m to 16.63m, ensuring there is an ideal size for every task at hand. With an emphasis on performance and user comfort, our carbon fiber poles are designed to enhance your cleaning experience and deliver exceptional results.

Note: The water fed pole is sold separately and does not come with the brush, gooseneck, hose or hose fittings pictured.

Harness the Power of Carbon Fiber

Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, our water fed poles offer unmatched durability and strength. The carbon fiber construction ensures a lightweight design without compromising on sturdiness, allowing you to effortlessly maneuver the pole for extended periods of time.

Achieve Optimal Reach

Our range of Carbon Fiber Water Fed Poles offer varying lengths, ensuring you can select the ideal pole for the task at hand. With options like:

4.70m for ground-level windows and most second story windows,

5.50m/6.14m for all second story windows and some very low third story windows,

6.73m for all second story windows and some low third floor windows,

7.53m for most third story windows,

9.17m for easily reaching all third story windows and some low fourth story windows,

10.52m for fourth story windows,

12.27m for some very low fifth story windows,

13.83m for fifth-story windows,

15.24m for the fifth story and some sixth-story windows,

16.63m for sixth story windows,

you can confidently clean windows at different heights without the need for ladders or additional equipment. Please note that the mentioned floor levels are provided as a rough guideline and may vary depending on the specific building.

Enhanced Stability and Control

Featuring quick-release clamps, our carbon fiber poles offer hassle-free operation and easy height adjustments. The ergonomic handle design provides a secure grip, promoting stability and control during cleaning tasks. Say goodbye to wobbling and maintain a steady hand for thorough window cleaning.

Designed for Professional Use

AR PRO Systems Carbon Fiber Water Fed Poles are engineered to meet the demanding needs of professional window cleaners. Built with stiff sections and durable components, our poles ensure long-lasting performance, even in rigorous cleaning environments. Experience the reliability and durability that industry professionals rely on.

Tailored to Your Work

We understand that each job is unique, which is why our pole range offers a wide range of lengths to suit different types of work. Whether you're focusing on domestic or commercial cleaning, our carbon fiber poles deliver the versatility and performance you need to tackle any task.

AR PRO Systems Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Specifications

Approximate Working Reach:

4.70m - 6.09m/20ft

5.50m - 7m/23ft

6.14m - 7.62m/25ft

6.73m - 8.22m/27ft

7.53m - 9.14m/30ft

9.17m - 10.66m/35ft 

10.52m - 12.19m/40ft

12.27m - 13.71m/45ft

13.83m - 15.24m/50ft

15.24m - 13.71m/45ft

16.63m - 18.28m/60ft

Closed Length:

4.70m - 1.70m

5.50m - 1.54m

6.14m - 1.70m

6.73m - 1.54m

7.53m - 1.70m

9.17m - 1.75m

10.52m - 1.75m

12.27m - 2.00m

13.83m - 2.00m

15.24m - 2.35m

16.63m - 2.35m

Approximate Weight:

4.70m - 900g

5.50m - 1150g

6.14m - 1300g

6.73m - 1450g

7.53m - 1750g

9.17m - 1800g

10.52m - 2200g

12.27m - 2600g

13.83m - 3300g

15.24m - 4000g

16.63m - 4700g

Handle Diameter:

4.70m - 29.5mm

5.50m - 33mm

6.14m - 33mm

6.73m - 36mm

7.53m - 36mm

9.17m - 39mm

10.52m - 43mm

12.27m - 43mm

13.83m - 46mm

15.24m - 46mm

16.63m - 46mm

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