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Gardiner Green Flexible Hose PU

Gardiner Green Flexible Hose PU

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Reliable and Versatile Hose Solution for Water Fed Pole Systems

The Gardiner Green Flexible Hose PU is a top-quality hose designed to meet the demands of water fed pole systems. With its new flexible PU formula and high-quality construction, this hose delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Whether you're working with hot water or cold water, this hose ensures efficient water flow and durability, making it an essential tool for professional window cleaning.

Note: Please avoid using this hose on a hose reel as it is not designed for the extra abrasion, pressure, and wear that reel hose can withstand.

Flexible PU Formula

The hose is made from a new flexible PU formula that guarantees superior flexibility and durability. It can handle both hot water up to 100°C and cold water 0°C, providing versatility for various cleaning tasks.

Optimal Diameter

With an outer diameter of 8 mm and an inner diameter of 5 mm, this hose strikes the perfect balance between water flow rate and maneuverability. It allows for efficient water delivery without sacrificing flexibility.

Wide Range of Lengths

This hose is available in different lengths, for example,

5 metres, suitable for 2.90 m water fed poles,

10 metres, suitable for 5,50-7,53 m water fed poles,

15 metres, suitable for 9,17-12,27 m water fed poles,

20 metres suitable for 13,83-16,63 m water fed poles,

and even 100 metres for your personal needs. You can choose the ideal length for your specific working requirements.

Easy Installation

The hose comes with a female push-fit to barb adapter, fitted with a hose clamp, ensuring a secure attachment to the gooseneck hose. This convenient setup enables quick and hassle-free installation on your water fed pole system.

Proper Coiling for Longevity

Coiling up the hose from the pole end after each use ensures the best results and helps maintain its flexibility and longevity over time.

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