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Gardiner Quick-LoQ Brush Socket

Gardiner Quick-LoQ Brush Socket

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Enjoy Effortless Brush Switching

With the innovative Quick-LoQ Gooseneck System, the Quick-LoQ Brush Socket offers unparalleled ease of use and adaptability. When fitted to a brush, it enables you to swiftly switch brush heads on your Quick-LoQ gooseneck, without the need for complicated tools or time-consuming processes. Simply press the button, detach the current brush head, and attach the new one.

Please note: The fixing screws for the socket need to be ordered separately.

Quick and Easy Brush Replacement

The Quick-LoQ Brush Socket enables very quick brush replacement, allowing you to switch between different brush heads in seconds. It saves you valuable time and effort during your cleaning tasks.

Secure Attachment

When attached to the gooseneck, the socket holds the brush head very stably, ensuring a secure and stable connection. You can work confidently, knowing that the brush head will stay in place, even during vigorous cleaning movements.

Effortless Switching

Thanks to the innovative button mechanism, changing brush heads is a breeze. Simply press the button, detach the current brush head, and attach the new one. It eliminates the need for complex tools or additional accessories, streamlining your workflow.

Precise Angled Positioning

The Quick-LoQ Brush Socket is designed to provide a perpendicular angle to the water fed pole, ensuring optimal positioning for effective cleaning. It allows you to achieve precise control and maximize the cleaning performance of your water fed pole system.

Quick-LoQ Registered Design

The Quick-LoQ Brush Socket boasts an innovative registered design (Numbers - 4029117 & 4029118), showcasing its unique and patented features. You can trust in the quality and authenticity of the Quick-LoQ system for reliable and long-lasting performance.

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