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Gardiner Quick-LoQ Gooseneck Extender

Gardiner Quick-LoQ Gooseneck Extender

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Expand The Reach and Conquer Hard-to-Access Areas with Ease

Unleash your cleaning potential with the Gardiner Quick-LoQ Gooseneck Extender. Designed to connect seamlessly to your Quick-LoQ gooseneck, this innovative extender takes your window cleaning capabilities to new heights. Whether you need to extend your reach or add an extra angle, this gooseneck extender offers the ultimate solution for reaching challenging spots with ease.

Extend The Reach

With the Quick-LoQ Gooseneck Extender, you can effortlessly extend the reach of gooseneck. Say goodbye to hard-to-reach windows and surfaces, as this extender empowers you to tackle even the most inaccessible areas with confidence.

Enhance Adaptability

The innovative Gooseneck System of the Quick-LoQ Extender provides unparalleled adaptability. It allows you to add an extra angle to your cleaning process, enabling you to achieve optimal positioning for thorough and efficient cleaning.

Streamline Your Workflow

This extender is perfect for cleaning window sills and other flat surfaces that are parallel to the substrate. It allows for additional swivel of the brush, making it easier to navigate around obstacles and ensure a pristine clean.

Seamless Integration

Designed to seamlessly connect with your Quick-LoQ gooseneck, the extender offers a hassle-free installation process. Its compatibility with the Gardiner system ensures a secure and reliable connection, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Unmatched Design

The Quick-LoQ Gooseneck Extender boasts an innovative registered design, emphasizing its commitment to quality and performance. Trust in its durable construction and enjoy the benefits of its ergonomic design for years to come.

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