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Gardiner Quick-LoQ Swivel Brush Socket Adapter

Gardiner Quick-LoQ Swivel Brush Socket Adapter

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Essential Tool to Conquer Awkward Angles and Maximize Your Cleaning Performance

The Gardiner Quick-LoQ Swivel Brush Socket Adapter is a game-changer when it comes to window cleaning. With its innovative design and seamless compatibility with Quick-LoQ goosenecks, this adapter enhances your cleaning experience by providing swivel action and close-pivot functionality. Say goodbye to awkward angles and repetitive movements. With the Gardiner Quick-LoQ Swivel Brush Socket Adapter, you can work with ease, efficiency, and precision, ensuring every window shines flawlessly.

Please note: The fixing screws for the socket need to be ordered separately.

Swivel Action Functionality and Maneuverability

Transform your Quick-LoQ gooseneck into a swivel action powerhouse. This innovative adapter not only converts your gooseneck into a close-pivot swivel action gooseneck, but it also enhances maneuverability by allowing you to work with the pole at various angles. Experience the freedom to navigate challenging angles and hard-to-reach spots with precision and ease, while reducing the need for frequent adjustments and optimizing your workflow.

Improved Reach and Versatility

With the Swivel Brush Socket Adapter, you can effortlessly work at low heights, making it ideal for ground-level window cleaning. Its close-pivot design enhances your reach, allowing you to clean windows with optimal control and thoroughness.

Versatile Options

The Swivel Brush Socket Adapter is available in two types, straight and curved, allowing you to choose the perfect configuration that suits your specific cleaning needs. Whether you require a straight adapter for precise maneuverability or a curved adapter for angled close-pivot action, both options provide exceptional flexibility and adaptability.

Enhanced Durability

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Quick-LoQ Swivel Brush Socket Adapter ensures long-lasting performance and withstands the rigors of professional window cleaning. Its sturdy design provides stability and reliability during extended use, making it a trusted companion for your window cleaning tasks.

Easy Installation

The adapter is designed to be screwed directly to the brush, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

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