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Moerman Excelerator Squeegee Handle

Moerman Excelerator Squeegee Handle

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Adjustable Angles, Smooth Swivel Motion, Ergonomic Grip, and Compatibility with Various Channels Make it a Valuable Tool for Achieving Impeccable Results

Experience unmatched precision and control in your window cleaning routine with the Moerman Excelerator Squeegee Handle. Designed to deliver exceptional results, this handle allows you to effortlessly glide across windows, ensuring streak-free cleaning with every swipe. Whether you're tackling high-rise surfaces or intricate corners, the Excelerator handle empowers you to override these obstacles.

Adjustable Angles

The Excelerator handle offers three adjustable angles (10°, 25°, and 40°), allowing you to adapt to different window frames, heights, and angles. This versatility ensures optimal contact and precise cleaning results, regardless of the task at hand.

Smooth Swivel Motion

Enjoy seamless maneuverability with the Excelerator handle's smooth swivel motion. It effortlessly glides across windows, allowing you to navigate obstacles and clean even the most challenging corners with ease.

Ergonomic Grip

Designed with comfort in mind, the handle features an ergonomic grip that provides a comfortable and secure hold. This allows for extended periods of use without causing strain or discomfort to your hand.

Wide Compatibility

The Excelerator handle is compatible with a wide range of channels, including all Moerman Channels, as well as other most common channels like the Unger S Squeegee Channel. This compatibility ensures that you can pair the handle with your preferred channel choice, enhancing its versatility and customization options.

Optimal Performance with Liquidator 3.0

For exceptional cleaning performance, combine the Excelerator handle with Moerman's Liquidator 3.0. This powerful combination maximizes water extraction, minimizing streaks and leaving your windows spotless.

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