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Moerman Squeeze Deluxe

Moerman Squeeze Deluxe

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Detergent Specially Developed for Professional Window Cleaners

With its unique cap and composition, this detergent allows you to apply it directly onto your sleeve, eliminating the need for dilution and reducing wastage. This new formula is environmentally friendly, with almost 90% biodegradability within 28 days. Experience sparkling clean windows with ease, as Squeeze Deluxe effortlessly removes dirt, leaves no residue, and ensures streak-free results.

Note: Don't forget to pick up the Moerman Squeeze Deluxe 5 L Refill to ensure that you never run out of your favorite window cleaning detergent.

Convenient and Efficient Application

The Squeeze Deluxe comes in a ready-to-use formula, eliminating the need for dilution or complicated measuring. Its specially designed bottle shape fits perfectly in the side pocket of the Moerman Side Kit Pouch, ensuring easy access and quick application during the window cleaning job. Each application of the detergent lasts for multiple windows, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly Formula

The new formula of Squeeze Deluxe is nearly 90% biodegradable within 28 days, reducing your environmental footprint while delivering exceptional cleaning results. Made from 60% plant and renewable materials, it is a sustainable choice for eco-conscious window cleaning.

Revitalizing Cleaning Experience

Squeeze Deluxe provides a revitalizing cleaning experience as it effortlessly lifts dirt and grime from windows, leaving behind a spotless shine and a delightful fragrance. Its pleasant scent enhances indoor work in customers' homes, creating a refreshing atmosphere with each cleaning session.

Effortless Squeegee Glide

The Squeeze Deluxe detergent creates a fantastic glide on the glass surface, making it effortless to squeegee off. This smooth and frictionless action saves time and effort, providing a streak-free finish with each stroke.

Generates Rich Froth for Enhanced Visibility

The Squeeze Deluxe solution produces a generous froth on the glass, ensuring easy visibility during high-level pole work. This allows for precise cleaning and optimal results, even in challenging and hard-to-reach areas.

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