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Nasiol HomeTex WB Textile Coating

Nasiol HomeTex WB Textile Coating

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Protect Your Clothes and Upholstery with Confidence

With Nasiol HomeTex WB, you can bid farewell to the fear of coffee stains on your favorite outfit or upholstered furniture. This innovative textile nanocoating provides the ultimate fabric protection, ensuring your garments or furniture remain pristine, clean, and shielded from daily risks. Whether it's outdoor apparel or delicate garments, HomeTex WB enhances your products by adding hydrophobic and anti-stain properties without compromising breathability or transparency. Plus, its durable formula withstands harsh detergents and maintains easy-cleaning properties even after numerous washes.

Water and Oil Repellency

Experience unparalleled water and oil repellency with Nasiol HomeTex WB, as it forms a powerful barrier that keeps liquids and stains at bay, preserving the appearance and integrity of your fabrics.

Stain Resistance

Enjoy a worry-free wardrobe and movie nights with the advanced stain resistance offered by HomeTex WB. No longer will accidental spills or mishaps ruin your clothes and couches, as the coating prevents stains from setting in and makes cleaning a breeze.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Nasiol HomeTex WB is free from PFOS/PFOA and embodies our commitment to eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions. You can trust that our products are safe for you, your clothing, furniture, and the environment. They are also compliant with REACH standards, ensuring responsible and sustainable fabric protection.

Breathable Coating

Unlike traditional waterproofing methods, HomeTex WB is water-based and breathable, allowing air to pass through while keeping moisture out. This ensures maximum comfort and breathability for your fabrics.

Easy to Clean

Thanks to its easy-clean properties, maintaining your garments and upholstery becomes effortless. Nasiol HomeTex WB simplifies the cleaning process, making it easier to remove dirt, stains, and grime from your fabrics.

Long-Lasting Performance

Experience prolonged protection with Nasiol HomeTex WB. Its durable formula withstands up to 10 washes, ensuring your fabrics remain shielded from water and stains for an extended period.

Versatile Application

Nasiol HomeTex WB can be safely applied to a variety of fabric surfaces such as cotton, suede, canvas, wool, silk, linen, and polyester, while caution should be exercised to avoid applying it to artificial leather, stone, glass, ceramic, wood, or thermosets and thermoplastics.

Nasiol HomeTex WB Specifications

  • Packaging: Available in 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L
  • Appearance: Whitish Liquid
  • Chemical Resistance: pH 1-11
  • Coating thickness: 90-100 nm
  • Consumption: 60-100 mL/m2
  • Density @23°C: 1.01g/cm3
  • pH Value: 3-5.5
  • Breathability (EN 1062-1): Category 1 (Highest Level)
  • Application Temperature: 5°C/45°C (≤50% RH)
  • Temperature Durability: Up to 150°C
  • Water Repellency (ISO-4920): 100%
  • Water Contact Angle: 152° @20 µL
  • Water Contact Angle After "3000" Wet Scrub (ISO-11998:2006): 136° @20 µL
  • Water Sliding Angle: 18° @20 µL
  • Oil Contact Angle: 29° @20 µL
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